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Real Estate Offer and Acceptance Form:
Make an offer to purchase, lease or rent real estate with this form. Only $4.95.

Keep a copy of this form with you or near you at all times. Always be ready to seize an investment opportunity the moment one arises.

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Real Estate Data

Commercial Property/Building Description File

NYC Commercial Property/Building Description File

Descriptions include building height in feet, number of stories, Gross Building Area, "GBA" and areas by specific use in square feet. The number of apartments and total units commercial and residential are provided.

Site information includes total land area, land under water, tidal land and upland.

The database includes all commercial property in New York City. Only $25.00

Select from one of the following data formats:

  • Excel Spreadsheet (xlxs)
  • Text Tab Delimited
  • DBF File

Data Format

New York City Hotel & Motel Database

The New York City Hotel & Motel Database includes three years of operating information in standard industry format. In addition to the operating statements rack rates and occupancy rates have been collected.

Additional details include hotel name, owner of record, date built, last renovation, number and type of rooms, Number of stories, gross building area and land area. The data is published quarterly on CD or may be downloaded from this site. .

The New York City Hotel & Motel Database is $249.95 and includes database software for computers running windows.

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NYC Tax Commission Income and Expense Statements: 1995 to Present

This data is available on CD, DVD or as a direct download from the WEB. The purchaser has the option of many popular file formats. For those who do not have software programs to analyze the data several real estate analysis and valuation programs are available at no additional charge.

To enhance the value of the Income and expense information physical property characteristics are included.

  • Location - Address, Section and Volume, Community District, Zip Code and Geo-codes.
  • Land - Area in square feet or acres, lot dimensions, zoning districts, buildable FAR, corner or interior lot.
  • Improvements - Building Code, Date Built, Dates Altered, Number of stories, Gross Building Area and break out by use, Number of apartments or commercial units.
  • Data may be downloaded from the WEB or purchased on DVD.
  • For additional information

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Fax Check and Check Writing Software.
Accept Payment by Facsimile, Email and WEB Forms Only $14.95

Save on credit card fees, PayPal fees. Just print out a check and deposit in your bank account.

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Lotus SmartSuite 9.8.2 Millennium Edition

Cover - Smartsuite
  • Approach Database - Process millions of records.
  • Lotus Organizer - Schedule appointments and projects.
  • Freelance Presentation Software.
  • FastSite - WEB design software.
  • Lotus 123 Spreadsheet.
  • Lotus Word Pro - Wordprecessing software.
  • Only $49.95 - Free Shipping in the USA.

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