NYC Tax Commission Income and Expense Statements: 1995 to Present

Product Description

Current and historic Tax Commission income and expense data is available on DVD or as a direct download from the WEB. Enhancing the value of the Income and expense information, physical property characteristics are included allowing for sophisticated analysis. This product is published with the most recent Tentative or Final Assessment roll and is updated weekly on the WEB.

Location Data

  • Full Property Address,
  • Tax Map Section and Volume,
  • Community District Number,
  • Zip Code


  • Land area in square feet or acres
  • Lot dimensions frontage and depth,
  • Zoning districts,
  • Lot Type - corner or interior lot.


  • Building Classification Code,
  • Date Built,
  • Dates Altered,
  • Number of stories,
  • Gross Building Area,
  • Cubic content or gallons,
  • Area break out square feet by use; apartment, garage, office, retail, storage, etc.
  • Number of apartments regulated and unregulated,
  • Number of commercial units.
  • Total units

Source Documents

Examine source documents and data collected. (PDF file format.)

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